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Reimagine space with basement renovation

A basement is a place with a lot of potential. It's a place that has plenty of transformational opportunities, and it is only logical to take advantage of them. A basement which has not been cared for is just a canvas, an empty space in the house with endless renovation possibilities.
Key features

$30,000 CAD

Starting price for basement renos.

4 weeks

Turnaround time. We do quality work fast.

100+ projects

Completed across Vancouver. You can trust us.

About house cleaning service

House cleaning for a residential home

A functional gutter system safeguards the home by diverting rain water away from it, subsequently preventing water damaging the roof, building up along the foundation, moisture getting accumulated in windows, and much more, thus increasing the longevity of the whole structure.Regular gutter cleaning becomes an integral part of house maintenance for those who live in areas with lots of rainfall.

Vancouver, for example, gets almost 150cm of rain annually and that number is even higher for areas closer to the mountains. And while gutters provide crucial protection for the house, they’re often overlooked during regular cleaning.
Since not many people want to climb a ladder and try to clear out miscellaneous materials, growing moss, and clogged downspouts, 100+ Maintenance has a group of residential gutter cleaning experts Vancouver ready to help.100+ Maintenance offers quick and effective home gutter cleaning service in and around the city.

Our technicians are fully trained to properly clear out any debris, mildew, and moss from your home’s gutter system to get the water around your home moving correctly again. 100+ Maintenance team will arrive on time and use the latest technology like water-fed poles, gutter vacuums, and filtration systems to make sure your home’s gutters are working to secure the foundation and landscaping of the property, and prevent erosion.


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We make basement renovation easy

Your basement renovation might evolve into a movie room, additional bedroom or even an office. Regardless of the type of renovation you are doing, it is important to involve professionals.

Renovation works company has a local Vancouver team of qualified specialists who will work with you and guide you through every step of the basement renovation process.
Our design experts will offer a selection of furniture to fit your style and help you choose the right fabrics and textures to elevate the space and increase its functionality even further. 

With years of experience, our team will renovate your basement in a way that will increase both the value of the property and your overall satisfaction with the home.Call us to get a quote today!

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